Corporate Wellness With Yoga

Corporate Wellness
With Yoga

Benefits of Workplace Yoga

• Increase in flexibility and agility
• Improved resistance to sickness
• Reduce anxiety and stress and improve concentration thus enhancing productivity
• Reinforces positive energy and minimalizes health risks, that would otherwise be common.
• Exercising together builds bonds and fosters a closer relationship between colleagues, thus creating a fortified workforce

Corporate Wellness AT HOUSE OF NATURE

What we offer

Corporate Yoga Wellness

Corporate Wellness at house of nature
Corporate Yoga Wellness

Our Corporate Wellness program focuses on yoga suitable for everyone. We strongly believe that yoga has the power
to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit and our program reigns it in the best way possible! An end to a long day or a happy break in between – a good session with our
expert trainers would not only leave your employees energized but also infused with the right amount of confidence and positivity. Regular practice of yoga improves
posture, body balance, and reduce stress, thus molding their personality. A calm and happy employee is the key to a successful workplace- and we aim to give you just that!

Mindfulness For Corporate

Demands and challenges are mounting and so are workplace stress levels. This may result in decreased productivity, reduced efficiency, and creativity thus channeling increased absenteeism and eventual burnout! To tackle this, your employees need something special – intensive mind healing! Our Mindfulness program takes them out from a whirlpool of stress, confidence issue, and/or any other mind woes, and helps turn the negative to positives, thus healing creatively. Mindfulness creates a balance. Stress levels reduce, emotions are better controlled and multitasking becomes easy. It also helps the employee stay focused and patient, widens the scope for understanding, thus resulting in an overall growth!

Corporate Yoga Retreats

Corporate Yoga Retreats

Same faces, same spaces may get a tad boring after a while. With our corporate yoga retreats, we take you away from the regular! With a long list of locations to choose from and a wide range of activities to do, our corporate yoga retreats are both effective and fun. Ranging from 3 to 7 days, these retreats would include meditation, breathing tricks and yoga in equal proportion. Lead by an expert teacher, a Lifestyle Corporate Yoga retreat is bound to leave you refreshed, rejuvenated and gaping for more!

Corporate Yoga Day-Outs

Corporate Yoga Day-Outs
Corporate Yoga Day-Outs

There is no better way to energize your team than getting together for a team activity that refreshes their mind like yoga! We offer team yoga day-outs where you and your team can enjoy a range of wellness activities on the mat. Yoga activities are offered in our Poolside Studio, Salt Room, and outdoor garden.