Homeopathy originated from greek words “Homeo” and “Pathos” which means “similar” and “suffering or disease” respectively.
Homeopathy is a 200 years old form of alternative medicine that stimulate a healing response and strengthen the body’s ability to heal itself.


Homeopathy was discovered by german physician; Dr. Christian Samuel Hahnemann, in the late 18th century. It is a therapeutic system of medicine based on the principle, “Similia Similibus Curenteur.”

The “medicines” used in homeopathy are called remedies. They can be made from just plants, animals, minerals and energy fields. In Homeopathy, the objective is to bring about change in human body to make it responds in a better way to get the system right in place.

Key Concepts of Homeopathic Medicine

It is based on principle “like cures like”. If certain substances bring symptoms in a healthy individual then same substance cures the person suffering from same symptoms

The difference between Homeopathy and Modern Medicine is that,homeoapthy treats the root cause of the problem and treats the individual as a whole.

Health conditions treated by Homeopathy:

  • Lifestyle Disorders
  • Nutritions wellness
  • Skin & Haircare
  • Behavioural & Psychological concern
  • Respiratory Disorders
  • Gastric & Digestive issues

Dr. Bushra Punjani

Homeopathy Practitioner
Dr. Bushra Punjani

Dr. Bushra Punjani is a HAAD Licensed Homeopathy Practitioner with 3 years experience in Homeopathy treatments in India. Expertise in preventive, curative and wellness treatments

Area of Expertise

Skin Conditions:
• Psoriasis
• Acne
• Eczema
• Warts

Pediatric complaints:
• Acute Gastroenteritis
• Upper respiratory tract infection
• Worms infestations
• Atopic dermatitis

Hormonal issues in females:
• Menorrhagia
• Menopause related complaints

Musculoskeletal disorders
Allergic and respiratory complaints
Gastric complaints

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