Eye Problems Treatment at House of Nature

The eye is the most important and delicate organ in the human body, also one should handle with care. If proper eye care is not taken it leads to macular degeneration, cataract, and results in blindness. House of Nature Medical Center is here to help you if you suffer from any eye problems or eye pain.

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?

  • Itching and burning sensation in eye
  • Progressive loss of vision
  • Seeing floaters and black spots
  • Pain in eye, watering or dryness of eyes
  • Redness in eye
  • Difficulty in colour recognition
  • Seeing coloured haloes

These may be the hidden reason for diabetic neuropathy, red eye and allergy of the eye, dry eye, glaucoma, cataract, conjunctivitis, retinopathy, blepharitis and many other diseases.

How can House of Nature Medical Center help you?

The eye is being given a very important place in Ayurveda as the eye is one of the important sense organs.

According to Ayurveda, each condition has to be treated differently. In red-eye and allergy, the focus will be to improve general immunity.

eye problems treatment at house of nature

Therapies like Netradhara, Anjanam, Nasya (a part of pancha karma), Shirodhara, Tharpana, etc., are done in a specialised way to get the best results. Also, yoga plays a very important role in strengthening the muscles of eye and relieving stress. Foods like apple, sprouted chickpeas and raw carrots, along with almonds, green leafy vegetables and wheat bread provide nourishment for eyes.

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