Allergies & Respiratory

If you suffer from any breathing allergies or respiratory conditions, House of Nature Medical Center is here to help you.

Do you have any of these symptoms?

  • Runny nose, watering of eyes
  • Are you experiencing swollen red face and nasal congestion
  • Recurrent breathing difficulty and cough
  • Experience most of the symptoms in winter/summer subjected to seasonal variation

As we know that cold & cough makes us feel fatigued, inactive & generates pain in the body. It also weakens the immune system by producing toxins. So, it is essential to strengthen the body immune system once again.

Ayurvedic Treatment for respiratory diseases is considered pivotal. Such treatments incorporate various immune modulator herbs like Amla, Ashwagandha, Shilajit and Ginsing which act as an internal healing factor of the body.


How can House of Nature Medical Center help you?

Ayurvedic Approach

In modern medicine respiratory problems are often treated with steroids, that not just weaken the lungs if used for long duration but also have many side effects such as Dryness, viral infection, yeast infection, lowered immunity, rashes, thinning of bronchioles, psoriasis among many more. Special herbs and Panchkarma therapies are not only very beneficial in rejuvenating the body, but they also carry no existing side effects.This treatment is known as the Shodhana therapy. In addition, there are several other herbs that help are used to compliment that therapy, resulting in reduced sensitivity to dust allergy. Furthermore, the rejuvenation therapy ‘Rasayana’  is very beneficial and enhances general resistance.

How can someone with seasonal reactions get rid of these toxins?

In Ayurveda, there is such that one needs to detoxify seasonally to flush out the toxins that would otherwise lead to an allergic reaction. This principle came about due to the changes in weather leading to the accumulation of toxins in the body and imbalance of the equilibrium of the body.

Should you adjust your lifestyle during allergen season?

Diet; sleep and meditation are the three pillars of health, so it’s imperative when your immune system is under attack, to pay distinct attention to all three of those areas. Those lifestyle changes should be tailored relative to the season.

Some of the Pancha Karma Therapies


Virechana at house of nature medical center

Virechana is medicated purgation therapy, which removes Pitta toxins from the body that are accumulated in the liver and gallbladder. It completely cleanses the gastro-intestinal tract. It is a safe procedure without side effects. Benefits of Virechana help root out, Asthma, Skin disorders such as Herpes , digestive disorders, constipation, hyperacidity, Vitiligo, psoriasis, headaches, allergies.


A full body ayurvedic massage with light rhythmic strokes using medicated herbal oil.

house of nature - Abhyanga


A therapeutic process of inducing sweat with the help of medicated steam that helps in removing accumulated toxins from the body through the hair follicles.

Nasya & Doomapana

Nasya & Doomapana at house of nature medical center
Nasya & Doomapana

Nasya or nasal therapy is a potent method to purify and nurture the mind and senses. This therapy cleanses, purifies and strengthens the nasal passages, thus allowing deep and easy breathing. It has miraculous results in treating congestion, allergies, sinusitis, headaches, migraine, rhinitis and other nasal infections. Dhoomapana is the inhalation of medicated fumes. It is an effective treatment for various sinus and respiratory diseases.


How can House of Nature Medical Center help you?

salt room therapy for Allergies & Respiratory
Salt Room Therapy

House of Nature Medical Center is home to the first Salt Room in Abu Dhabi. Do you know how salt therapy works?

Salt molecules are comprised of a positive sodium ion and a negative chloride ion. While you breathe in the salty air of the therapy room, salt molecules enter the moist airways of the lungs and break down, releasing the negative ions. The negative ions stimulate airway linings, improving mucous clearance and improving immune response to pathogens.

People with chronic respiratory conditions and allergies lack sodium chloride in their airway linings and salt therapy helps resolve this deficiency. It alleviates symptoms, helps prevent them from reoccurring, and reduce dependence on medications like nasal sprays and inhalers.

Come experience the salt room and improve your breathing!

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